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In 2020, Meiye stores will face new challenges from the industry. Only by paying attention to the development trend of Meiye, can our stores make strategic adjustment and adapt to the new wave. What is the future trend of the development of Meiye in 2020? Let's share!



1、 Current situation of American industry


At present, there are still a lot of chaos in the United States, such as the marketing routines flying all over the world, the skills of employees are uneven, the quality of employees is not high, and the consumption is not transparent.


With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' consumption awareness and consumption trend are constantly changing and upgrading. The consumption orientation has gradually changed from the previous sexual price based to the process consumption based on experience. Therefore, the trend of industrial upgrading and transformation is inevitable.


Although there is chaos in Meiye, as long as we keep up with the trend of Meiye, grasp the development trend, and make corresponding strategic adjustment, we can base on Meiye and continue to develop.



2、 Forecast of the development prospect of Meiye


The development prospect of Meiye can be divided into four parts: big data, artificial intelligence, specialization and sustainability.


1. Big data


With the advent of the era of big data, it can also be well applied to the beauty industry. Through the collection and analysis of big data, we can help our stores to achieve customer management. Through the analysis of data, such as the record track of customers' daily consumption and behavior habits, we can get a reasonable new solution to the problem, which is more acceptable to customers. This is a correct and effective management method. At the same time, with the use of intelligent systems and products, customers' offline experience can be improved.


2. Artificial intelligence


The development of Internet has experienced pc internet and mobile Internet, and now it has developed into intelligent Internet of things. In the future, technology represented by Internet will move forward to the era of artificial intelligence. The integration of the latest artificial intelligence into the traditional store is a major trend in the future. The new marketing mode, management mode, customer experience and supply chain management are adopted, which completely subverts the traditional business mode. The intelligent system is used to replace the artificial customer extension, file management, operation management, etc. to build the intelligent store management.


3. Specialization


In the future, the beauty industry should return to the essence of service, based on providing high-quality services for customers, and pay more attention to instant beauty and scientific and technological beauty, which has to make the beauty industry close to the path of specialization and form a differentiated competitive advantage, so as to build a moat without joining the chaotic price war.


Meiye has already passed the era when it can realize huge profits as long as it opens stores. The transparency of information, the flying marketing, discount and promotion have already made consumers more bored. In this context, consumers will be more rational in consumption and pursue the professionalism of technology and the practicality of effect.


4. Sustainability


At present, the United States industry is entering a stage of industry consolidation and washing up, but the crisis often coexists with opportunities. This is an era of consumers' pursuit of rational consumption. In today's era dominated by sharing economy, it is an era of intelligent iterative variation, an era difficult for any single enterprise to survive, and an era of business returning to its essence.



Meiye needs to build a healthy ecological environment and find out the intelligent management mode of the Internet, so as to make your Meiye develop more smoothly. The intelligent sharing system developed by Wuhan Zhiyun city science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully solved the problem of Meiye + Internet transformation.


Wuhan Zhiyun city science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech Internet enterprise emerged in the "Internet tide". It is a new Internet company with the background of Hong Kong womanhua Technology Management International Group Co., Ltd. and womanhua Group Co., Ltd. has decades of direct chain store operation experience in China. The successful "smart city" intelligent management system is a subversive innovation, which will "reshape the business model of the future city and construct the future urban life"!



Unlike bat and other traditional Internet companies in the past, "smart city" is based on the prosperity of the city. It believes that the current "tuyere" is the "Internet" of tens of thousands of traditional urban entity business stores, which provides them with a comprehensive set of "intelligent operation" operation tools, will turn Meiye and all traditional entities into Internet companies, and empower the success of Meiye operators! Here's The huge space and market will also create a greater new company of traditional entity + traditional Internet.


Keyan international presents you!




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